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Inspection of Proposed Auto Dealer Location

Inspection of Proposed Dealer Location

Location is very important because it is one of the first steps for a auto dealer applicant and as they say location, location, location is what can set you apart from the rest. As an applicant make sure you have a site approved first; by a Compliance Examiner from the Regional Office in your area; (before spending money or signing a lease make sure the location is good to go). Once you decide on a location contact your local Regional Office to schedule an appointment to have the site inspected. Note** do not sign a lease until the site has been approved by the Regional Office. Locations of regional offices go by county: http://www.flhsmv.gov/locations/ once you open the website go to your county and contact the regional office that’s in your county.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION INCLUDING DETAILS ON DISPLAY AND OFFICE SPACE, please refer to Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 15C-7.003(4), which specifies the office and display area.

Along with the additional documents submitted with the application form, the Division will also conduct a physical inspection of the business location.

Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 15C-7.003(4), specifies the office and display area:

(4) Requirements for Office Space.

(a) Each licensed motor vehicle dealer shall maintain an office as part of his place of business. The offices of motor vehicle dealers shall conform to the following standards:

  1. No office shall be operated from or maintained in any residence.

  2. The office must be in a permanent structure at the licensed location. In the case of an office trailer, the office must be anchored or tied down as required by Rule 15C-1.010, F.A.C.

  3. Each office shall have a minimum of 100 square feet of interior floor space exclusive of any hallways, closets or restrooms and a minimum 7′ ceiling.

  4. The office must be clearly separated from any other business which is being operated in the structure or building which houses the dealership.

(5) Requirements for Display Space.

(a) Each licensed motor vehicle dealer shall maintain a display space as part of his place of business.

(b) Such display space shall be for the purpose of displaying motor vehicles offered for sale by the motor vehicle dealer and shall conform to the following specifications:

  1. The display space of each licensed motor vehicle dealer will be of a sufficient size to store and display all vehicles offered for sale. The display space may be located within a building.

  2. Display spaces shall be under the exclusive control of the motor vehicle dealer and shall not include an area or space set aside for customer, employee or general public parking nor shall it include any public right-of-way.

  3. Display spaces shall be contiguous to the dealership office or shall be situated so as to allow easy access by dealership customers.

  4. Display spaces, whether outside or inside a building, shall have immediate and direct access to a public street or highway or be situated on property, owned or leased by the dealer, to which public access has been granted.

  5. Display spaces shall physically be divided from any other motor vehicle dealer’s display space by a permanent barrier no less than three feet in height and erected in such a manner as to clearly distinguish one dealer’s display space from another dealer’s display space

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